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for Windows by Michael Thummerer


AllDup is a great new free application that allows you to download music to your computer. AllDup has become a very popular program, thanks mainly to its free download offer. It is similar to iTunes in the way that it lets you download music for your computer. AllDup works on both Windows and Mac, which is why it is such a great choice for people who use these two operating systems. AllDup is very similar to iTunes, however it also allows free online music as well.

AllDup was developed by an individual in order to make available this service to the public. It provides something that iTunes simply cannot; unlimited downloads to your computer. The quality of the sound is excellent, and the software is very easy to use and operate.

If you are looking for a free application like AllDup, you should take a look at the website. This site offers an excellent free download, as well as professional services such as customer support. The customer support service is very good, and they also provide technical support for any problems that you may have. AllDup is one of the most popular free music sharing sites, and is constantly growing in popularity. If you have never used AllDup before, there is no reason why you should not download it for yourself today.

by Michael Thummerer
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